RIP Toonami

While this isn't as timely as the rest of the comments about this, I cannot say nothing. While I must admit that I haven't seriously watched Toonami for quite a long time now, to know that it has stopped for good is depressing. Toonami was a major part of my teenage years.

I started to watch it because of Voltron and Robotech, then, later, my friends got me into Dragon Ball Z, and I was addicted. Then they showed Gundam Wing and I was an anime fan for life. From there, it only got better: Tenchi, Outlaw Star, Big O, Blue Sub Six, and so on. I loved Toonami and all that they did.

Then I went away from Toonami (serving a 2-year LDS Mission didn't help) and when I came back, it just wasn't the same. They weren't trying new things anymore, not like they used to. And Naruto just wasn't enough to keep me coming back. So maybe, in the end, I didn't help Toonami continue; who knows. Still, it's sad to see such a good friend die. I mean, it's like the death of Mr. Rogers, except not so universal.

I can only hope that there will be other avenues for anime to reach mainstream culture. Adult Swim just isn't enough, and their treating their anime properties quite poorly. I've been doing more online, especially now that Funimation is really using their YouTube Channel, and more On Demand, through the Anime Network and Anime Selects (POST YOUR SCHEDULE!). The Sci-Fi Channel has picked up with Gurren Lagann and I am REALLY looking forward to Gundam 00 appearing on Ani-Monday's here in November. Maybe someone else will pick up the kind of legacy that Toonami left us with. I can only hope.

As for the guidepost, I apologize for not being more consistent in my writing. I've been watching anime quite regularly, thanks to the internet, On Demand, and my local library. I'm slowly powering through Naruto still, I'm looking forward to Tsubasa Season 2, and I've been enjoying Slayers and Code Geass online. I promise to do more with this site (especially if I can figure out how to get to the CSS for it) and I've got all sorts of titles to tell you about.

That is if I can get a job and keep myself from getting buried in schoolwork. Yeah, yeah, I know, the same old excuses, but life comes first, right?

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