More apologies, again.

Wow, It's been a year since I've reviewed ANYTHING! I could complain about being constantly hit with the busy stick, but writing a blog really doesn't require a lot from the blogger. I mean, really? Yeah.

My anime watching trends certainly have shifted since last September. I'm no longer using the On Demand for my anime and I'm most on the internet now, either torrenting the latest dubs or watching stuff on sites like CrunchyRoll. By the way, I think that the new FUNimation video portal is incredible!! I've been watching Shikabane Hime on it and I've been very impressed! While I would hope that more anime appears on television, the internet now has a plethora of choices now and I'm rather excited about it. We'll have to see what fruits come to bear with this trend.

As for what I'm watching right now, I'm still plowing through Code Geass, I'm almost finished with Gundam 00 (Season 1), and I've been way impressed with the new Kurokami series. Not really groundbreaking, but it's been pretty cool. Onine, along with Shikabane Hime, I've enjoyed the classics from Toei Animation's page on CrunchyRoll: Digimon 02 (I've never really it seen it from beginning to end), Slam Dunk, and Fist of the North Star.

I recently finished Gurren Lagann (which was incredible), Slayers (which was alright), and YuYu Hakusho (which was fun). Since September, I completed Scrapped Princess, Mahoromatic, Jubei-Chan, and others. My anime watching hasn't let up, I just haven't been writing about it.

HOWEVER (and here comes the list of promises), I do wish to get back on track with this blog. I'm still watching anime and still have a lot to say about it. I still hope to start doing videos or a podcast or something, but for now, I've got to keep writing.

Hopefully, you'll see me next week. Hopefully.