I LIED!!! (Or Just That Time Changes Things)


Okay, if you go and look at my previous post, you'll notice that I've put a line through everything regarding moving my anime posts.  That is no longer the plan.  The plan will be to keep things here as they were and put all future anime related posts here.  Somethings have changed about basic web hosting that is starting to drive me crazy (including blogger), but I've decided that this place is fine for writing anime and manga reviews.

Of course, WHEN I'll start writing new anime reviews still remains unknown.  My anime watching habits have ground to a halt, unfortunately.  It's not like I don't love anime anymore, I just don't find myself sitting down and watching it like I used to, and it doesn't make sense to make watching anime some kind of chore.  I want to enjoy it, not turn it into work (unless anyone is willing to PAY me to write anime reviews!), so this blog is going into a light hibernation (as if it wasn't before).  I know that I will want to watch anime again sometime, and when that happens, I'll try to put some effort back into this blog.

So that's how it is.  All the promised big changes resulted in nothing getting done.  Oh well.