Hoy! Inuyasha 4 and Soul Hunter

Hoy! This has been a crazy week. But I've been feeling that every week. Maybe my entire life is just crazy . . .

Anywho, moving on!

Inuyasha the Movie 4: Fire on the Mystic Island
Story: ***
Music: ***
Animation: *****
Overall: ***

It is apparent that I like this one the best. For once, I really cared about what was going on. Those poor kids.

Alright, here's the rundown: there is an island where these four demons hoard half-demons to keep themselves alive through a curse a priestess gave them a long time ago. Now all that's left is a few kids, now fatalistic due to their circumstances. One of the kids escapes and finds Inuyasha who then is drug into their problems and its up to him and his friends to defeat the four demons who call themselves the Four Gods!

The story was pretty neat. It pieces together a little better than the other movies. I also gave the animation a notch up above the othe rmovies. They really did outdo themselves this time; I was way impressed. And as always, the music by Kaoru Wada was well done.

I do believe this is the best of the four movies. The story is engaging, the animation is great, and the whole this is fun. As repetative as Inuyasha can be, this one stands out.

Soul Hunter (26 Episodes)
Story: ***
Animation: ***
Music: ***
Overall: ****

I recently refinished this series, this being one of my favorites. And just in time, too. Viz has finally announced that they are going to translate the Houshin Engi manga that this story originates from. This series is quite a bit older, but is definetly worth a look at.

The story starts out simple enough. Heaven, known as the Sen'nin world, has decided that the manipulations of the demon Dakki have gone to far and she needs to be removed to save the Yin Dynasty of 11th century China. Taikoubou is the hero chosen, mostly because he is the only one stupid enough to go through with it.

So off goes our happy-go-lucky hero Taikoubou, but is he as simple as he seems? And what is this Houshin Project he's been commissioned with? Is it really to save the Yin Dynasty or are there hidden secrets about it?

Being more than just a "beat the demons" kind of show, this series focuses more on the relations between heaven and earth. Another great thing about this show is the characters. ADV did a good job on the dub, recreating the unique and down-right bizzarre cast that parades through China. There are so many awesome moments in this show.

The animation is okay, showing nice action every now and then. But there also some apparent flaws, like the obvious and inconsistent use of computers. The music is also very standard with a few good moments. And just grit through Kou Tenka's song. I know it isn't great.

Overall, though, it is the characters that make Soul Hunter for me. A fun and fresh set of heroes march through very tragic times, setting things straight in some unusual ways. However, even though the series goes for 26 episodes, I know it doesn't cover all that they could from the original manga (which is why I'm so excited to see if finally coming out!). Because of that, I feel that it could've been fleshed out and made longer, but oh well.

Well, that's that. Sorry I didn't get this off until so late in the week. I'll hopefully do better, but really have no idea what I'll review next week. I may have to wait until next Friday again just to finish something.

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